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What exactly is the Soul? By its very nature, Soul defies all attempts to define it, yet it is what defines us, as who we are. It is that which is deepest about us, most real and authentic within us; that which gives meaning to our lives, passion to our purpose, connection to our world, and imagination to our dreams and vision.

Soul is more than our genetic code, personality, or individual history. It is the Sacred Other within the Sacred Self, deep calling upon deep, the rivers of our individual life surging towards the ocean of Universal Being. Soul is the Center of the Sacred Circle of our Being, a Circle which has no circumference.

A Cautionary note! I use the word "Soul" in its most traditional and universal sense. Thus I do NOT define the Soul, as some have, as:
· a spiritual entity corrupted by sin and in need of saving;
· restricted to a single incarnation;
· as a result of a single human incarnation earns an eternal "reward" of salvation with Christ and the saints, or damnation with the devil and his minions.

The Soul (as I and countless others before me have understood it) does not need to be saved. It is the Eternal Self, of which the body is a current historical manifestation. The Soul does not exist within the body, the body exists within the Soul. As eternal, the Soul enjoys many incarnations in this world. The Soul seeks to live the infinite and wondrous fullness of life in all of its beauty and possibilities. Life is far too rich and varied an experience that one earthly life span is sufficient to experience its fullness and possibility. Eternity for the Soul is both now and not yet.

Dreams are the royal highway of the Soul. The Soul often speaks the loudest and most passionately through the bewildering images and emotions of our dreams. Dreams can provide powerful direction and energy to our life path and work.

The meaning of dreams can not be found in some dream dictionary from a bookstore, nor do they have some pre-defined meaning that therapists and psychologists memorize. Your dreams have a meaning unique to you, and you alone. Working directly with your own dreams, Paul will help you translate the "hidden language" of your dreams and help you to empower your life and creativity with them.

Paul is trained in a variety of religious and non-religious forms of meditation. He can coach you in techniques that match your needs, personality, and spirituality. The effects of meditation have been well documented by the scientific and medical communities. These beneficial effects include stress reduction, lowering of blood pressure, supporting healing and recovery from disease and surgery, increased energy, clarity of purpose, emotional equilibrium, peace of mind, and spiritual enrichment.

In partnership with Paul, you will learn to develop a more fulfilling personal and professional life through the enhancing the focus and quality of your goals and decisions. You have, through the riches of your Soul and personal life experiences, all the wisdom you need to live a personally meaningful and creative life. Your Soul is your True Coach, not Paul. Paulís role is simply to assist you in listening more attentively and lovingly, to your Soulís directions for your life.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding your deepest motivations and compulsions as they influence your life and its directions. Popular belief is that the Enneagram is based upon an ancient Sufi understanding of 9 core personality types. Each personality type has distinctive emotional patterns, ways of thinking, and ways relating to others that combine to form a characteristic view point and set of motivations and behaviors. In the book, "My Best Self Using the Enneagram to Free the Soul", authors Dobson and Hurly state, "The Enneagram is about the unity within oneself and among human beings. Its about healing the hidden pain of life. It teaches us how to release the power and creative energy to follow our destiny, and through it discover what gives us life. The Enneagram is about soul-making" (pg. 17)

The sacred tradition of the "anam cara" (Gaelic for Soul friend) has been a key foundation stone for the spiritual growth and deepening of many people. The anam cara, or Soul friend, is at its most simple a companion on the spiritual journey, a mentor or guide who helps you see your path more clearly.

In the pagan Celtic and Native American traditions, Paul uses his extensive experience as a spiritual elder and guide to facilitate your spiritual growth using those symbols and techniques appropriate to these sacred traditions and to your own spiritual journey. He can help you see beyond whatever blockages, false paths, or hidden obstacles lie on your journey to spiritual wellness and fulfillment.

In the Christian tradition Paul is a trained Scripture scholar and Spiritual Director who has helped hundreds of clients over the past 25 years to grow in the spiritual life. As a gentle, compassionate mentor, using the traditional techniques of Christian "spiritual direction" Paul will help you focus on areas you have chosen to develop and enrich in your spiritual journey.

Symbolic rituals are containers of Soul -- vehicles to allow Soul expression and powerful tools to create more Soulfully alive and spiritually empowered lives. Paul has been trained in Celtic, Native American, and Christian rituals. He is also an expert at helping people to create their own unique rituals based upon their unique personal spirituality and beliefs. He will help you find or design rituals to: celebrate and deepen your spiritual journey and relationship; significant life events such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and birthdays; and daily blessings, protections, etc.

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