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I have had 4 evolutionary astrology sessions with Paul and have found them to be uncannily authentic and precise from the ability of his work to know me as no other person or methodology has been able to do. The insights and clarity I have received from this work has been nothing short of extraordinary! I have referred clients and family members of mine to consult with Paul, as well, and all without exception have found his work and guidance to be extremely keen, beneficial, and healing.

I give the highest recommendation to those who seek clarity about their soul purpose and journey in this lifetime to contact Paul for a consultation.

~ David M. Newirth, ND

After both my brother and my mother raved about the accurate readings you did for them in 2004, I was eager to find out about my soul's evolutionary path. Thank you for the amazingly detailed and accurate evolutionary astrology reading you did for me in May of 2005! I was utterly fascinated with the reading, which confirmed that I am on my path and gave me further direction for the future. It makes so much sense! I am in awe of your abilities and have spread the word about you in San Diego. Thank you, Paul, for introducing me to a new concept - the evolution of the soul.

~ Dianne McKay

I experienced a profound shift in awareness and a huge confirmation of how I've felt under the surface for so long, which I hadn't been able to completely articulate, even to myself. The past life metaphor really touched me at the core and it explains so much. You have a real gift. I appreciate your complete thoroughness, as well as your intuitive approach. Very powerful combination. Thank you so much for the gift of your expertise and talent. I'll pass your name on to everyone interested in astrology.

~ Jennifer R.

Thanks, Paul, for that reading. Wow. It was truly like listening to my autobiography and very affirming in where I've been and what I'm doing today, especially over the past ten years. So many elements that you spoke of were so on the mark, it was truly amazing and thrilling to hear.

I appreciate you taking more than 2 hours with me. There was so much there, as you mentioned, and I'm deeply grateful for hearing it all. I look forward to receiving the CD and the written chart.

~ Ken S.

Writing to tell you how grateful I am for all the information, tools, skills and awareness you shared. They are treasures and invaluable...This is an exciting (sometimes scary) healing/wellness journey made easier and more enjoyable thanks


Any attempt at explaining the value and the usefulness of the knowledge you have shared with me is words on paper that seem hollow from all that is being left unsaid...I feel the inner strength and fullness of what I would guess to be a person with a healthy soul (soul retrieval a continual awareness). Having lived for 55 years feeling the opposite I feel a deep gratitude for the gifts you give to so many by the work you do and knowledge you share...


Paul H. Richard
Soul Focused Consulting

telephone 971.506.9187
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